A ceramic mouthwash dispenser can beautify your sink-area and reduce clutter on the bathroom countertop. Using one allows you to throw out your old plastic bottles, keeping your bathroom surfaces clean and well-organized, while reducing unsightly clutter that can build up on the bathroom counter.

Bathrooms can easily become cluttered. Some say they are the hardest room in the home to keep clean, and this is partially because of the tendency for bottles and accessories to accumulate around the sink. Toothbrushes, cups, bottles, nail clippers, brushes and soaps can all begin competing for counter space, leaving yours disorganized and unattractive.

A better solution is to organize yours with a system that reduces all of the “stray” products that end up cluttering up your bathroom.

This is a stylish accessory that will help reduce mess and clutter, keeping your counters clean and well-organized. Guests visiting your home will be impressed when they walk into the bathroom and find everything organized and conveniently laid out. And you and your family will also appreciate the clean surfaces of your counter even if, like me, you hadn’t seen them in so long you forgot what they actually look like!

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There is a huge variety available, and most can be found through online vendors, saving you time and money. A few of the more popular types include chrome, steel, stained glass and brushed steel. But probably the most popular type is made from high grade ceramic.

One online re-seller is vermontcountrystore. Vermontcountrystore features an elegant model in two sizes, and with a variety of matching accessories. Replacing those unsightly plastic bottles with these beauties will add flair and style to any bathroom. And unlike those plastic bottles that can leave unsightly rings beneath them, smooth ceramic ones are clean and stay tidy in use.

You can also find lots of accessories that will perfectly complement this, including soap dishes, ceramic liquid soap containers, ceramic toothbrush holders and cups, and many more.

If you’re not sure that ceramic will fit in perfectly with the décor of your bathroom, don’t worry; there are lots of other materials and styles to choose from. A few of the more popular materials include stained-glass, brushed steel, chrome and porcelain.

While all of these materials are great in certain situations, for most traditional styles, ceramic will present a clean fresh look that will fit perfectly with your existing décor. Traditionally, the material has been used heavily in bathrooms, for sinks, tubs, toilets and other furnishings. So using this virtually ensures that yours will have a uniform look.

If you are low on counter space — and frankly who isn’t — you can also choose from different sizes, including small 12 and 18 ounce decanters, and large 56 ounce sizes. Whichever type or size you need, a ceramic mouthwash dispenser will last for years and keep your sink area clutter free.

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